It's possible to import products in csv, xls and xlsx -format. You can find the Import Products -funtion in the main menu of the software under Products -> Import Products.

On the Import Products -page, you can select a product file to download or you can download a blank table with column headers.

Add a product details to a spreadsheet

Download a csv, xls or xlsx file to your computer to add product details to the table rows. The file contains the headings columns to which the related information is added. The headings should be on the first line of the file and start adding product details from line two.

Details to add

  • Product number: The product number should be unique for each product. If the product number in the product line is already found on some added product in the system, updating the product details to match the imported product details.
  • Category: Category name. If a category with the same name cannot be found, the system will creates one. If the product haven't a category, this column ca be left blank.
  • Barcode: You can add the product barcode to the Barcode -field.
  • Name: Product name
  • Purchase price: The tax-free purchase prise of the product can be added to the column if the purchase price of the product is known. The purchase price can be left blank if desired.
  • Selling price: The selling price of the product. The selling price is mandatory if you want to add a discount on imports. The selling price also includes VAT.
  • Discount price: Discount price of the product. The selling price of the product must also be entered for the discount. The Discount price -field can be left blank so discount isn't set for the product.
  • VAT: VAT on the product. For example 24, 14 or 10. Only enter a number in column without percent -sign.
  • Stock: Product stock. The field may be left blank if desired.
  • Favourite: Mark the product as a favourite by adding a value of 1 to the column. The field may be left blan if desired.
  • Description: Description of the product.
  • WooCommerce: Enter a value of 1 inthe field if you would like the e-kassa to reduce the stock on sale with the same product number from a product found in the WooCommerce online store. Mark 0 if you don't want this feature enabled for the product.

Below is an example of product details has been added to the second row of the table. Product's product number is 1000. The product will be added to product group "Product Group 1". The barcode is added to the Barcode -column. The purchase price, selling price and VAT are in the fields provided for them and the product description has been entered for the product.

When the product details has been added to the spreadsheets, you can start importing the products by selecting the file and clicking the Upload File -button.

After uploading the file, you will taken to a preview view showing the details of the imported products. Above the table is information on how many products are being updated and how many products are being imported in total.

If an import attemps to import a product line with a discounted price but no selling price, the system will notify you during the preview. The Discount price isn't saved if the selling price isn't set. Faulty rows are highlighted in orange.

 Click the Save Products -button to save the products. The system returns to the beginning of the import if the saving was successful.

Error situations

If the import fails, the system will report an error. In the event of an error, you should check the following.

  • Check that the table you are importing doesn't contain blank rows.
  • Check that there is no unlisted information in any of the fields in the table.

If necessary, you can send the file to our support for investigation. Send the file via email to tuki(a) For large files, you can use the cloud-based file sharing services.