NB! This instruction is intended for payment terminals that can be integrated into the E-kassa.

First, select the payment terminal on the left side of the checkout. The correct payment terminal is pre-selected when the checkout is opened if you have only one integrated payment terminal.

Start by adding customer products to checkout before receiving a card payment.


You can start a card payment by clicking the Card Payment -button.

After the card payment is started, a Payment Terminal -window opens and guides you through the card payment transaction. At first, the payment terminal asks the customer to enter the card into the device.

You can interrupt the payment by clicking the Abort -button and try again by clicking the Start Payment -button. Click the Cancel -button to close the Payment Terminal -window.

After entering the card, the payment asks the customer to choose a usage method, debit or credit if the card have both features.

 Next, the payment terminal asks the customer to enter the PIN.

After entering the PIN, the payment terminal makes the verification and finally asks to remove the card from the device.

When a card is removed from the payment terminal, the cash register print the receipt if automatic receipt printing is enabled and the payment terminal displays the event closing screen.

If you want, you can print a copy of the receipt by clicking the Receipt Copy -button or Customer Receipt -button if you have a payment terminal with a receipt printer. Finally, click the Continue -button. After this, the checkout is ready for the next transaction.


See also "Card payment refund with the payment terminal"