It's possible to combine e-kassa with WooCommerce online shops. Once connected, WooCommerce orders can be picked up at the online store and paid at the checkout. In addition, it's possible to combine e-kassa products with WooCommerce products when e-kassa reduces the product's stock balance in the online store each time the products is sold in the e-kassa.

Enable API in WooCommerce online store

Log in to your WooCommerce dashboard and select WooCommerce -> Settings from the menu of the left.

Click the Advanced -tab at the top left of the Settings -page.

On the Advanced tab, click the REST API -link.

 Next, click the Add Key -button.

For example, enter the e-kassa as key description and in the Permissions -section, select Read / Write, and then click the Create API Key -button.

Next, copy the keys displayed by the software, you will need them in the next step.

Settings in the e-kassa

Log in to your e-kassa and open Settings -> WooCommerce.

Enter your e-commerce address in the URL -field and the key and password you received from WooCommerce in the fields provided and click the Save -button.

Paying order at the checkout

On the left side of the e-kassa Checkout -view is a new WooCommerce -tab that allows you to search for e-commerce orders by order status, order number, customer name or product.

You can click an order from the list to add the order's products to the cash transaction.

When the products are in the checkout, you can normally end the cash transaction cash or card payment as you would for regular products. The order will be marked as paid in the online store when the sale is completed at checkout.

Linking products in e-kassa

You can link a product to WooCommerce by placing a check mark on the product under Link to WooCommerce-eshop. The product number must be the same in the e-kassa and in the online store. When a product is linked to the WooCommerce store, the product's stock balance will be decuted from the online store each time the product is sold at the checkout. The POS -system doesn't count products ordered through the online store, so the stock balance isn't the same in every situation in the online store and at the checkout.

Products associated with WooCommerce are marked with a WooCommerce -symbol on the product list.