This guide discusses how to sell and use a gift card by using the new Gift Card -feature. 

Sell a gift card

Gift Card is VAT-free sale which mean that Gift Card sold are displayed with VAT 0%. To sell a gift card, you need a product that can be added Products -> New Product from the top menu of the software. The name of the gift card can be "Gift Card" and the product type should be gift card. The price of the gift card can be left at zero, so the price will be asked when the gift card is added to the cash transaction. You don't need to create own products for gift cards of different values so one gift card -product is enough.


Gift card is shown as a normal product on the product list when it's added to the product list.

After selecting a gift card, a window opens where you can enter the price of the gift card, the recipient and the validity of the gift card. The gift card has a default validity period of six months but this can be changed under Settings -> Application Settings -> Gift Card Validity. The validity of the gift card can also be changed when the gift card is added to the cash transaction.

When you click the Continue -button, a gift card product appears on the checkouts product line as any normal product. You can also add other products or gift cards to the same cash transaction so they appear as normal product line.

Selling a gift card will be decided in the same way than normal cash transaction, such as a card or cash. After the transaction has ended you will see a notification of the sold gift cards.

You can continue to the next cash transaction by clicking the Continue -button.

View and edit your sold gift cards 

You can view the sold gift cards on the Products -> Gift Cards page.

On the list you will see the gift cards with their recipient, value and validity period.

You can edit the gift card by clicking the Edit -button.

You can make the desired changes to the gift card and save the data by clicking the Save -button.

Gift Card payment at checkout

A new Gift Card -button has been added to the payment methods of the checkout for payment by gift card.

The Gift Card -button is clicked when the customer wants to pay for their products in whole or in part with their gift card. The Gift Card search window opens when the Gift Card -button is clicked.

You can search a gift card either by entering a customer name, selecting a customer from the drop-down menu or entering a gift card number. Click the Continue -button to continue. The next window shows the customer's Gift Cards which you can choose the correct gift card if the customer has more than one gift card.

Click the Continue -button after selecting the correct gift card, after which the transaction ends like normal cash transaction and the amount is deducted from the selected gift card.

Gift Cards in reports

The sold Gift Cards are specified in the Sales by Products -report. The sold Gift Cards appear as a separate line in the list of Products sold and the total amount of gift cards sold is shown in the VAT specification on the VAT 0% line. Payments for used gift cards can be found in the Payment Specification from the Gift Card Payment line.

 Selling Gift Cards by billing

It's possible to sell gift cards by invoice in following way. Add Gift Card to cash transaction. Decide the transaction with the Invoice Payment method when the software transfer the transaction to billing and immediately creates Gift Cards that have occurred at the transaction. In this way, the customer will immediately receive the Gift Cards and you will be able to invoice the Gift Cards afterwards from the customer.