E-kassa saves an unfinished cash transaction on the Processing tab if the transaction is irrupted before the cash transaction is fully paid. Situations may be, for example, interruption of the card payment or if the cash transaction is only partially paid. The cash transaction is also saved as incomplete when the checkout loses contact with the card payment terminal during the card payment.

Unfinished cash transactions can be found on the Processing -tab of the checkout.

You can check the status of the card payment by clicking the Check Payment -button. The checkout opens to connection to the card payment terminal and checks whether this transaction has already been paid.

Checkout informs after check that payment hasn't been at the card payment terminal if the payment hasn't been successfully completed. You can export the transaction to the checkout by clicking the Return to POS -button and the software moves the transaction to the checkout -tab where it can continue to be processed normally.

The checkout notifies you of the transaction if payment for transaction is successful at the card payment terminal. In this case, you can mark the transaction paid and print a receipt. After that the transaction will be removed from Processing -tab and go to the History -tab.