To create a new invoice, click the Billing -> New Invoice -link in the top menu.

The new invoice creation form will be open on the screen. At the top left you will see billing customer details and on the right you will see basic billing information.

1. Add the customer to the invoice

You can search for a customer in the customer register by clicking the Search Customers -button. In the search window, you can search for a customer by name or you can search for a list of all customers by clicking the Search -button.

Select the customer for the invoice by clicking the Select Customer -button.

You can edit the customer information by clicking the Edit Customer -button or you can create a new customer by clicking the New Customer -button.

2. Edit the invoice basic information

To edit the basic information on an invoice, click the Edit Invoice -button on the right side of the invoice view. NB! The Invoice number and the Reference number are automatically generated when the invoice is marked as Invoiced. You can change the invoice date and due date by using the calendar icon next to each line item. Dates are automatically determined by the payments terms when the invoice status is changed to invoiced if the dates aren't selected.

3. Adding a product to the invoice 

You can add a new product to invoice by using the Products -search box. Enter the product name in the search box and click the Enter -button on the keyboard or click the Search -button next to the search box.

The Search -window will open and display a list of products.

You can add a product to the invoice by clicking the Add to Invoice -button. The product search function also works on the invoice product lines. Enter the Product name on Product number to the Product or Product num. -fields and click the Enter -button on your keyboard.


The product line information is freely editable when the product is added to the invoice. You can also create a product line by entering the details of product in the Product line even if the product hasn't been created in the product register.

4. Add a message to an invoice

To add a message to your invoice , enter it in the Message -box below product line. The message prints at the bottom of the invoice.

5. Print and send an invoice

You can print or send an invoice to the customer by using the buttons at the bottom of the Invoice -page. First save the invoice, then print it, open PDF and Send to Email -keys are activated. When you click the Print -button, the software will ask you that can the invoice status be marked to invoiced and whether the products can be deducted from stock.

When you click the Sent to Email -button, the software asks you to check the customer's email address. The software asks also confirmation that the invoice status bill be changed to invoiced and products will be deducted from the stock.

When you click the Send Invoice -button, you will receive a confirmation that the invoice has been sent.